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Position 1. [e-commerce intern]
Location: Suzhou: 10
Job content:
1. Responsible for 1688. Taobao and other stores and platforms planning, marketing, promotion, customer relationship management related work;
2, responsible for the daily maintenance of the store, including goods on and off shelves;
3, analyze the operation of the store, maintain and optimize the operation of the store;
4. Activity arrangement, including reporting activities, rhythm control, data analysis, etc.
5, to resume operation, optimize and adjust store operation.
Job requirements:
1. Graduated in 2018, college degree or above, major in e-commerce, marketing, finance and other related disciplines, can work full-time;
2, understand the basic rules of Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, and other platforms.
3. Strong planning ability, data analysis ability, sensitive data and good communication skills.
4. Strong sense of responsibility, initiative and team spirit.
Position 2. [art / graphic design]
Location: Suzhou: 5
Job content:
1, responsible for sofaI store's various special template construction, advertising concept and design;
2. responsible for the beauty and optimization of the whole store's pages and the design of advertising and slogans for all kinds of activities.
3. Design, edit and beautify the interface.
4. Design and make overall visual effects for all the products of softest company.
5. Responsible for advertising and thematic design of customers and websites.
6. Responsible for coordinating with the developers to complete the design and editing of the front page of the website.
7. responsible for product design and promotion of online promotional activities.
8. responsible for sofware product matting, printing, beautification, editing and uploading daily work.
9. optimize web product description to make it more attractive to consumers and improve sales.
Job requirements:
1. graphic design, art design, art and other related majors, college degree or above.
2. proficient in graphic processing software;
3. solid foundation of art, strong aesthetic ability, sensitive to color.
4. good at communication and teamwork.
Position 3. [operation promotion]
Location: Suzhou: 2
Job content:
1. Formulate the brand promotion strategy of Taobao Shopping Mall, which has a certain degree of professionalism in some aspects such as through train, transformation and activities.
2. Competition analysis based on peer information, product planning and packaging, highlighting product selling points and characteristics.
3. Analyze the store data, formulate promotions and activities according to the overall operation strategy of the store, and achieve the goal of the store performance.
4. Accurate style positioning of the store, store functions, pages, layout building, copywriting, to provide buyers with a good shopping experience, constantly improve the conversion rate of UV;
5, responsible for shop promotion, and continuously improve shop flow.
Job requirements:
1. Journalism, economic management, marketing, brand planning related majors, college degree or above, with excellent aesthetic vision;
2. Have market planning and copywriting experience, be good at network editing or sales copywriting, have strong ability of text editing, and planning ability;
3, have a certain brand awareness, understand fashion information, fashion identification and appreciation ability;
4. Familiar with Taobao B2C and C2C environment. Understand the operation and development of e-commerce. Good at mining network keywords;
Position 5. [foreign trade salesperson / foreign trade assistant]
Location: Suzhou: 15
Job content:
Job description:
1. Responsible for the international marketing of the company's products.
2, through e-mail, telephone and interviews, etc., be able to communicate skillfully with foreign customers in English.
3. Develop overseas customers through the network and be proficient in foreign trade website platform, such as EBY, Dunhuang, Fast-selling, Alibaba International Station and other foreign trade platforms.
4, responsible for daily customer enquiries and merchandiser.
Job requirements:
1, College English level 6 or above, the actual combat ability can be relaxed.
2. Good language communication and written expression ability, independent customer information seeking ability, rich team spirit, positive, down-to-earth, hard-working, flexible mind.
3, fresh students can also!

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